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Satisfy your

A protein-stuffed vegan substitute for meat-lovin’ change-makers.


Our mouthwatering
Plant-Based Heroes




Weight increases 3-4 times after soaking

Cholesterol free and protein enriched 

Soy taste and scent free

Tastes better than beef and cheaper than chicken

SDGs number 1,2,15 goal met





What Makes Us crave-worthy?

Realistic From Touch to Taste

Our distinctive knowledge of soybeans (our main ingredient) brought us on a trial-and-error journey full of good and not-so-good recipes. It wasn’t until we reached great that we patented Aftermeats – a vegan meat substitute true to the texture and taste of real meat.

More Protein
& Fiber –
Without the Fat

We’ve replaced high cholesterol & fat with 2x more protein & fiber. Whether you’re searching for a low-calorie meal or just a healthier lifestyle, Aftermeats is a nutrient-rich way to meet your goals without the meat!

Organic & Natural

Our vegan meat substitutes are 100% organic, natural and animal-friendly! With no preservatives or added coloring, you can enjoy a tasty meal with peace of mind.

Meat that Lasts

Our plant-based meats can be stored at room temperature for up to 2 years. We doubt it’ll last 2 days in your home, but it’s great for emergency food purposes!

The Same Tastes You Love (only better)

Our mission is to create a healthier, more aware world with flavor-forward vegan meat loved by animals, nature and your taste buds.

The Future of Earth
is in our fridges

We’ve got you covered while the earth recovers. From what? Just decades of livestock and high-cholesterol production, oh, and 32,000 million tons of Co2 per year.

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