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Here at Aftermeats, we believe that by eating vegetarian meals you can eat with pleasure. After all, it IS Meat-free and tastes good. We use only the most natural ingredients so you can feel good about what you are cooking. We have developed our recipes to be easy to prepare and feature meat substitute products that are both affordable and good for you.

Why not try this more economical, vegan alternative to your usual curry? The recipe is practically the same, but instead of minced beef or pork, you use soy meat. 


Mabo dofu, or mapo tofu as it is better known in the West, is a popular Chinese dish


Vegan cottage Pie is a substitute of regular cottage pie using soy mince (soy meat) as a replacement for beef. It's great as it doesn't contain any cholesterol or trans fats and also satisfies your craving for pies, thanks to its creamy mashed potatoes, blended onion and peas topping.


Vegan Chilli Con Carne was delicious! This vegan ‘chilli con carne’ is made with a soya ‘deli sausage’ called ‘Soboro Don’ and it is a stew-style dish. It was a bit sweet and tasty and extremely delicious.


Soboro Don is your go-to Japanese comfort meal! With seasoned Minced Aftermeats, scrambled eggs, and green vegetables on top of fluffy steamed rice, this three-color rice bowl is effortlessly easy to pull together and full of flavor. 


Vegan eaters, look no further. The Aftermeats burgers are meat-like patties that contain no meat whatsoever. You can use them to make burgers, panini sandwiches, or even breakfast sandwiches! They are pretty easy to make and everything is ready in just over an hour. You can now enjoy a simple meal at home without having to spend too much time in the kitchen.


Recipe for vegan Chicken Tacos using TVP soy strips as the chicken alternative. Served in homemade tortillas with salad, avocado, tomatoes and a Cilantro Coconut Sauce.


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