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Protein, Flavor
& Kindness,
oh my!

We’re partnering with Mother Nature to build a sustainable road toward a meatless future. With more protein, flavor and kindness infused in our vegan substitutes, we’re kicking out real meat for good – not only for ourselves, but for generations to come.  

Our mission

As we foster a culture of earth-friendly eating, we believe our taste buds shouldn’t have to compromise. Our mission is to create a healthier, more aware world with flavor-forward vegan meat loved by animals, nature and your taste buds.


General Advantage of AFTERMEATS

Processed Meat Manufacturers

  • Liaison – Increase product line up using Aftermeats with sausage, burger patty, nuggets.

  • Enables price setting and animal fat variation by differentiating Aftermeats inclusion ratio

  • Real meat texture, enjoy meaty and juicy Aftermeats Product.

Caterer / Restaurant

  • Unlimited choices for designing custom menus, create your own new taste

  • Healthier meals for all generations, contains High Density Lipoprotein cholesterol 

  • Allows storage at room temperature. Saves electricity and storage related costs.

Save Animals

  • New product development with minimal cost, save R&D cost with perfect raw material

  • Increase in protein content on top of carbohydrates and lipids

  • Future solution for population increase

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Aftermeats Co. Ltd. (Japan)
3-2-5-5F Takadababa Shinjyuku
Ku Tokyo Japan 
Email :
URL : www.

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